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Founder and Visionary, The Heir+Loom Foundation



Career Shift

In October 2018, without what seemed any true rhyme or reason, Dr. Monique felt the need to leave Arizona and move back home to her home state of Texas. Dr. Monique spent nearly a decade shaping a fulfilling and notable career as a Master Trainer and Administrator in the Arizona’s Child Welfare Industry, just to leave it all behind. It took, however, only eight short months for her to understand why she had been compelled to return home so abruptly. In August 2019, Dr. Monique’s younger brother would be diagnosed with a rare form of Lymphoma, for the second time in 4 years, and she would become one of his full-time caregivers. 


As a result of this diagnosis and the subsequent painstaking months that followed, Dr. Monique set her career aspirations aside for what she considered to be the greatest good and highest purpose, supporting her family by caring for her ailing brother. After being told that she may need to donate stem-cells to aid in her brother’s treatment and recovery, Dr. Monique adopted a plant-based lifestyle, revived her interest in running and sought peace in God and nature, all in preparation to give her brother the best she could with what she had.  By the sheer grace of God, in February 2020, Dr. Monique's brother went into remission and underwent a stem-cell transplant, all produced by his own body, that catapulted him into a journey of healing that can be described by no other word but, miraculous.


Immediately after her brother's hospital discharge, COVID-19 hit hard and fast, once again interfering with Dr. Monique's efforts to re-enter the field of Child Welfare and established the career that she had abruptly left behind, now 2 years and counting. With more free time than she could have wished for, Dr. Monique delved further into her love of and appreciation for nature, now through sustainable practices like gardening, composting and plant-based meal planning and food preservation. In this new space, God spoke clearest, peace was abundant, and the notions of hope, resilience and restoration were embodied in the land and plant life. Her family's land in Burleson County, Texas gave her moments of freedom during the enforcement of the global lockdown and it became the answer to her question, "What next?"


The Heir+Loom Foundation is Dr. Monique's response to this reconnection to family land and promise made to her grandfather that the land would flourish for decades to come. This initiative gave Dr. Monique a new commitment to land preservation, community learning and building legacy. 

As a graduate of Howard (BBA, Business), Duke (MDiv, Theology) and Creighton (EdD, Community Resliency) she is always finding new ways to pour into her local community via business strategy, training and development and theological musings. Dr. Monique is a life-long shape shifter constantly adapting to new and challenging conditions and carrying with her a passion for serving, supporting and enriching vulnerable communities by any and all means.

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